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How To Transform Your Home With Landscaping

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When people hear the word “landscaping,” they might get a simple image of a lawn mower or imagine an intricately designed front yard they’ve always wanted but never gotten around to doing. To landscape means to add aesthetic elements to a piece of land. Neglecting your landscaping may lead you into a path of procrastination that will, in turn, lead to weeds, overgrown shrubs, unsightly overgrowths, branches, and possibly even unwanted house guests such as snakes and possums. No homeowner wants this! That’s why it’s important to stay on top of it. But beyond that, landscaping can really transform a home in ways you might have not previously considered.

Here are some of the ways in which landscaping can take your home’s yard from ordinary to extraordinary:


Although we might not know exactly why the human brain responds to symmetrical stimuli, it does so in a powerful way. To a certain extent, it is a subjective experience but studies have shown that humans have a bigger appreciation for symmetrical aspects of the natural world. So when this is simulated in art or other arrangements, we react.


Having contrasting elements in your landscaping can really make things pop. Whether you are using a variety of rocks, stones or implementing grass, flowers, shrubs, trees, etc, taking a few contrasting elements will add some pizzazz to any arrangement.


The theme of your landscaping will also correspond to the style of your home, your neighborhood, or your surrounding area. If you have a modern newly-built home, you might incorporate more contemporary elements into your landscaping. Perhaps you are looking for a more traditional and Southwestern style. You might use plants like cacti and other desert plants.

Options to Consider

Adding some symmetry, paving, or structure to your front yard will go a long way in improving your home and curb appeal. Here are a couple of things that might help you brainstorm some ideas for your next landscaping project and help you envision it:

  • Using a combination of some of the most commonly used landscaping rocks. For example, contrasting a section of pea gravel with river rock or crushed granite gravel.
  • Implementing sod, grass, or turf. The water bill on a full grass lawn can get pretty pricey. This is why implementing some landscaping stones with either sod or turf can make for a good option.
  • Use flowers or different shrubbery. Here in the Southwest, using small cacti or flowers resistant to heat—like hibiscus, firebush, and zinnias can be a great way to spruce up your front lawn. Different types of cactus and yucca trees bring a unique flavor to any home.
  • Consider paving or concrete. Adding a concrete or cobblestone pathway will immediately change the landscape and create a far more welcoming and charming vibe as people approach your house.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal With 915 Siteworks

There are plenty of options as to how to design your landscaping. The Southwest has its own dominant themes and patterns that are common in the area and accentuate the desert landscape. So whether you are looking for regular upkeep of your grass, lawn,  gardens, or looking to add a whole new feel to the exterior of your home, 915 Siteworks will help you do it! Connect with us today to learn more.

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