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Desert Landscaping Ideas for Transforming Your Yard

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From early stories of the American wild west to Cormac McCarthy’s contemporary and unforgettable portrayals of the beauty and brutality of the desert, the desert landscape has always carried a certain mystique, unmistakable serenity, beauty, and allegorical power that reaches deep into the human imagination. The expansiveness and grandeur of the desert is recognizable in various plants characteristic of desert lands including cactus, creosote, and certain desert flowers. Many people in the Southwest use some of these unique features of the landscape on their homes landscaping both as a tribute to the lands which they inhabit but also as a recognition of the desert’s allure.

If you have a desire to implement landscaping into your home, consider highlighting the splendor of the desert with these landscaping ideas.

Experimenting With Various Yard Options

Desert beds

If you have a large yard and are looking for a centerpiece or something to draw attention without having to engage in full-fledged landscaping of the whole area, a creative desert bed can achieve this. It will contain an oasis of desert vegetation that unifies the entire yard without requiring a complete design of the whole space.

Open space

Emulate the wide open spaces of the desert by creating a wild landscape in your backyard. Spread out cactus, bushes, or flower beds throughout your yard and using rocks, pathways, and symmetrical arrangements in order to convey and emulate a walk through the open desert.

Go ‘leafy’

There are a variety of leafy desert plants that have thinner and wider vegetative branches to provide a fuller atmosphere.

Strategic placement of grass

Just because you are building a desert landscape doesn’t mean grass has to be ruled out entirely. Consider a more strategic placement of patches of green, which can help you with water conservation but also in adding variety and lush color to the overall set up.

Cement paths to create direction

Using cement paths or stone paths can be a great way to add a sense of direction and unity to your overall desert landscaping. Paths can have a variety of different designs and colors.

Plants to Choose From

So what are some good desert plants you can use in your backyard or front yard creation? The desert has a variety to offer but some of the most used plants in landscaping include:

  • Yucca
  • Golden barrel cactus
  • Ghost plant succulent
  • Foxtail agave
  • Mexican feather grass
  • Aloe Vera

Think Xeriscaping

This is a relatively new term, yet expresses a new approach to landscaping that is catching on in Texas and parts of New Mexico. ‘Xeriscaping’ refers to a unique way to decorate your yard by maximizing water conservation, minimizing supplemental water and/or irrigation, and showcasing the character of the desert. Xeriscaping embraces ecological processes and makes the most of the deserts native plants. Some good xeriscaping projects include the use of a variety of cactus and arranging them in a strategic and aesthetically interesting way.

Make Your Home a Paradise of Desert Beauty

If you’re looking to decorate your yard with the seductive charm of the desert, 915 Siteworks can offer a variety of alternatives that are low maintenance and beautiful to look at. Making your home a paradise of desert beauty does not have to empty your pocketbook or require massive labor. Utilizing a few organizing principles, maximizing your space, and choosing the kind of landscape you envision, can be a fun and rewarding process. We want to help you pay homage to the beauty of the desert right in your own backyard.

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