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The Importance of Land Clearing for Viable Construction

Every construction project begins before the actual building is initiated. And that’s where we come in! We are interested in ensuring that your construction site is ready to go and prepared to the last detail before building begins. Whether it is a commercial space or a residential structure that is being constructed, the foundation should not be overlooked. 

If you’re in the construction business or are a contractor or home builder, you understand the importance of land clearing. A structure cannot be simply erected on raw land, especially in the desert. There is an entire process that takes place before the building begins. 

Because the population in the city continues to grow, land clearing is in high demand and should not be taken lightly. This process refers to the clearing and preparation of a plot of land in order to get it ready for building. This may include clearing shrubs, overgrowth, trees, tree trunks or roots, old structures, buildings, etc. 

The Need for Proper Drainage

Part of the role of land clearing includes proper drainage. If you’re building in an undeveloped area, there may be issues with flash flooding. Some already-developed areas may also require to get the drainage repaired or improved in order to aid with drainage. Having proper drainage will protect your property from possible flooding. 

Trust the Professionals — Don’t Try This At Home

Land clearing is a heavy and difficult job that requires proper equipment and machinery, as well as knowledge of soils, drainage, and more. Watching a ‘Do It Yourself’ video on how to prepare your own raw plot of land may provide some good insights but will not always give you all the details and steps necessary to do a full and thorough job. A lot of times, the type of land clearing will depend on the landscape itself. Parts of Texas, for example, may have a lot of limestone or hard rock that require the right machinery to fully prepare the land. If you’re doing it for commercial purposes, there might be a lot of local or state ordinances to follow and understand. 

Get Construction Started on the Right Foot With 915 Siteworks

Here at 915 Siteworks, we specialize in land preparation for various purposes. So whether you are clearing land for your new custom home, or commercial space, give us a call, and we’ll get things cleared up!

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