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The Seven Deadly Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Ok, so they’re not exactly deadly. You—nor your neighbors— will actually die as a consequence, but they can certainly steal a breath of air from any person who sets eyes on the somewhat unpleasant sight. As professional landscapers, we know that love is in the details. We come across yards that have fallen into some of these mistakes and are missing out on the wonderful potential present in every single backyard, front yard, porch, etc. So we thought we’d go over some of the most common landscaping mistakes that you might want to stay away from.

1) Letting the Weeds Go Wild

Weeds are a nuisance. They should not be part of your backyard or front yard. Weeds are like bad habits. Once you have them, they are hard to get rid of. If you let them get out of hand, you’ll have an overgrown garden, bugs, chaos, and much of what you plant will not grow. It’s no fun, but buying a home pretty much comes with the reality of weed and weed pulling.

2) Having No Plan

Another mistake we see homeowners make when they are first trying their hands at landscaping is planting without a plan. As professional landscapers, we like to provide a plan ahead of time and talk about what you’re envisioning and what could work in your particular space. A design sketch is fundamental in order to achieve a professional and cohesive end result. Many people will start to feverishly plant anywhere and everywhere with no plan or structure; they often run into a jungle-like arrangement that is hard to control and has no shape or aesthetic.

3) Letting Hedges Get Naughty

Overgrown hedges are a big problem in terms of making your yard look beautiful. Regular upkeep is key. When things are overgrown, they bend, scatter, and ruin or displace any possible design that is in place. It can also hide beautiful aspects of your home or make it look awfully messy.

4) Trusting Pinterest Without a Second Opinion

So there are plenty of good and creative ideas on Pinterest. In fact, there are plenty. But don’t do them all at once! With a small backyard, in particular, you may find your landscaping becoming too cluttered and a chaotic shrubbery mess. Pinterest may also not take into consideration the weather and conditions in the El Paso desert. This means a lot of the vegetation or materials used in these posts might not be very effective in this city. You might end up spending unnecessary amounts of money on a landscaping idea that doesn’t work in your area.

5) Too Much of One Thing

Getting carried away and planting too much of one thing will not only look confusing and boring, but it will somewhat defeat the purpose of creating a “landscape.” Having a theme is fine but planting too much of one single plant or type of shrub can become overbearing. As we say here in the landscaping world, sometimes less is more.

6) Failing to Do Anything at All

Keeping your yard clean is a great idea, but failing to do anything is a waste of potential. This creates a yard that is boring, uninteresting, and bland. Even adding one landscaping element can really make things pop, add curb appeal, and increase the value of your home. Hiring a professional who can give you advice on how to utilize the space is the best way to make use of what you have.

7) Not Calling a Professional

Landscaping is an art, and professional landscapers understand what they’re dealing with in terms of different vegetation, design, and how best to utilize a space. We want to work with your vision and create a design that will bring beauty to your home.

Get “The Works” with 915 Siteworks

So whether you are looking to get rid of some weeds, rescue a failing design, or start from scratch in a blank canvas, we are here to provide you with ideas and options about how to dress up your yard. We also provide regular maintenance so you don’t have overgrowth ruining the work. While we work a lot of desert landscaping given our location, we also work with your vision in mind. We specialize in landscaping design, helping homeowners make the best use of their space. Call 915 Siteworks for landscaping services that will transform your yard!

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